Leadership Transitions Assistant

Define the most important challenges for your upcoming leadership transition

What type of transitions are you preparing for?

Vertical Transition: promotion to higher ranks in the hierarchy
Lateral Transition: moving to a different part of business or move to a different function
Company Transition: getting a job in a different organization in the same industry
Industry Transition: getting a job in a different industry
Geographic Transition: moving to a different country for the job
Entrepreneurial Transition: moving to a start-up/entrepreneurial role from a corporate role
Corporate Transition: moving to a corporate role from a start-up/entrepreneurial role
Change Transition: circumstances of your job have changed so much that you need to transition your leadership;
this might well happen without a formal change of job (e.g. due to the digitalization in the industry)
Self Transition: a personal decision and dedication to up your leadership game

Master your next leadership transition

Are you changing roles inside or outside of your company? Are you switching industries? Perhaps you are starting your own business, or moving to a new location? There are 7 challenges that leaders typically face during transitions – but do they all apply to YOUR transition? Complete the Leadership Transitions Assistant to see what challenges other leaders in similar transitions found important.

About the Research

To understand the challenges of different leadership transitions, we have been surveying managers since April 2020. Respondents had roles across hierarchical levels, ranging from first-line managers to board members, mostly at middle management level or above. About half had transitioned into a role in Germany, and the other half into a role elsewhere. Based on the data we created a predictive model that is based on a collection of decision trees (a random forest), each with a different order of features. Overall, then, we seek to find a robust and representative prediction for your transition.


Nora Grasselli is Program Director at ESMT Berlin
Ingo Marquart Ingo Marquart is a Ph.D. candidate at ESMT Berlin and the Berlin School of Economics

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